Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Reboot Welcome

We never really did anything with this blog. It wasn't that we stopped gardening, or building the coops or beds or any of that. It is just that things got away from us.

After a lot of thought and even more planning we are going to give this a go again. Let's call this post the catch up post.

(The front yard when we moved in )

The most important thing that happened in relation to what this blog is about is that we moved. We had been building a little country garden in a small badly lit yard with more ivy than anything else. It was lovely and comfy and green, and it did produce quite a bit of food for the tiny space. The chickens certainly loved it.

But in January of 2013 we had a opportunity to buy our own place. Still in town and still urban (well, in my mind suburban) and still a small plot of land. However, it was a lot more space to grow things... if we did a lot of prep work first. There was a huge tree in the front yard (which faces south, so prime growing space) that was dying and had to be address. The dirt was clay and terrible.

So we started with just figuring out where the sun is in the yard. It isn't, so much, as it turns out. The front has great southern exposure. The back is north facing and the neighbors on either side of us both have giant trees in their yards. Which shade the back most of the year. Matt, being a fan of spreadsheets, created one in which he charted the placement of the sun in the back yard. It's impressive, if you like that sort of thing.

Then we had the tree removed. It wasn't really a choice. We had a very bad winter with lots of snow and lots of cold (not normal for our climate). Followed by a hot summer. And I noticed that the tree started doing a rapid die off. Concerned for the house itself, we had the tree removed. When that happened he noticed just how much sun the front actually gets and how much room is out there. It's a lot!
(after the tree was removed)

And that brings us pretty current. Matt has built the beds and irrigation for the front, that is a couple of posts that will go into detail of the process.

So welcome to the journey that will be the F5 Farmstead.

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